Things get lost or disappear in a busy hospital,so I totally understand the need to properly identify a patients personal belongs. On plastic bags, documents, even on clothing is fine. But seriously, don’t put them on my phone or favorite leather wallet that you’ve now ruined and will have to pay for.

If it hasn’t been done already, someone should invent a non-permanent stick sticker/tag that can be removed from an item easily.

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5 thoughts on “Those damn stickers

  1. Jacquie Lynn says:

    Pleaae try a bit of peanut butter. Rub it on the leather wallet and the oil in the peanut butter should make the residual sticker should just roll right off. .then just buff it with a soft cloth. Should work well with hard surfaces to. As a “adult severe asthma case” to…I am will acquainted with those damn stickers. I was diagnosed at age two. The am prednisone dependent and take Symbicort, Zopenex and Ipraropium Bromide neb treatments daily. I too retired ten years ago…and was denied my disability because “asthma isn’t a disabling disease” according to the SS D intake review….I am now fifty years old and my pulmonary doc has at least found this cocktail of medication that actually work 75% of this time….I am glad to have found your site..just so very sorry that we share something that could take our life and any time.

  2. Thank you, I’ll remember that the next time I have a problem with those stickers. The hospital actually paid for a new wallet.

    Im sorry to hear that you suffer from asthma and that you were denied disability. Whoever told you that about asthma and disability is mistaken. Though not common, asthma in some cases can indeed be debilitating to the point where a person cannot work. SSDI uses your age, your pulmonary function tests and medical history to make a determination for benefits. If your baseline FEV1 is low enough, you would automatically qualify.

    Im happy to hear you found a combination of drugs that works for you. take care

  3. Dave says:

    googone citrus stuff, works wonders on stuff like that

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