It’s hard to believe,but Saturday, I start training for what will be, my sixth half marathon and my third full marathon! !
With only a little over three months to prepare for Portland , and only four weeks till San Francisco , it’s going to be tough ride.
I need to get back in my green zone real soon… and stay there , if I hope to do well at either of these events.

My plan this year, is do the SF marathon 2nd half as a practice walk for the Portland marathon (which follows nine weeks later) It’s a logical progression where one seems to psych me out for the other.

Several of my friends, including my walking club buddies and my blogger friends, are doing various events at SF , so regardless of how I fare, I ‘ll be in my favorite environment, among people I admire.

I’ve been in a mental and physical slump for the last 8 weeks, which has made it really difficult to get motivated, but I’m finally starting to get my enthusiasm back—hopefully my lungs will follow. I’m not going to kid myself anymore. The fact is…my lung health continues to decline. This will be a very challenging race season for me– perhaps the toughest one ever, and probably my last.

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