On any given day walk day, I listen to at least 1.5 hours of non-stop music on my Mp3 player. Helps me get though these sometimes grueling workouts. Today I feel compelled to acknowledge just how much of an impact Barry Manilow’s music has had on my life . Though Ive been a fan since I was a kid, it wasn’t until 2004 ,when I started fitness walking , that I really started to listen closely and listen often . Now, I take his music with me on every single training walk ( and I walk a lot) and on every walking event I’m racing in. I get so caught up in this wonderful music, that for a couple of hours, I’m able to escape the reality of my breathless world. Listening to the “live CDs” gives me a chance to re-live some of his incredible performances Ive attended over the years. Makes even my most difficult walks ,very worth the effort.

Sure… a lot of people listen to their favorite Artist’s while they exercise ,but for me , Manilow music….is my medicine.
Thanks Mr. Manilow……and to the talented musicians who accompany you. And THANKS for the PBS taping of Music & Passion…….WOW ! What a day that was.. Thanks also to Gary Oye and Ron Pedley ….You guys are awesome.

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