Im finally starting to get pumped about tomorrow’s race. The Kaiser Permanente half marathon. A week ago, I didn’t want to be bothered by it, now I cant wait to get out there and walk my little butt off. This race is much larger (and apparently more popular), than I first thought. There looks to be around 7,000 participants among the 5k and the 13 miler.

Im a little nervous about this race because it will be my 3rd half marathon in just 7 months. Is that too much wear n tear on the body? I know people do multiple marathons and half marathons year after year. Then again, most of those people are probably young healthy athletes. Knock on wood ,my lungs are acting OK right now
On the other hand, Im very familiar with this course. I’ve walked it many times, though not all of it in a single jaunt. For the most part , its flat and paved. It starts in the north central part of Golden Gate at stow lake and winds its way up out of the park into the Haight Ashbury, back down through the southern edge of GG park where it lets out at ocean beach, then down the great highway to the SF zoo and then back up to the park where it finishes. A beautiful course ,complete with a tree covered parks, city scenes and ocean views. Couldn’t ask for a better location.

As I said before, I’m doing this one”for fun” but , Id like to finish under 3 1/2 hours. Anything slower than that is a little to leisurely for me. Finishing times are recorded at the finish chute. There are no finisher medals given( that’s a whole other story) There are awards for the top 3 finishers, 3 deep I,n all categories. Of course, walkers rarely receive awards at half marathons . As I always say… I’ll be happy just to cross the finish line on my own two feet.

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