well, this is a personal diary .

This week I have a bunch of medical procedures that have to be done including, my very first colo-rectal screening. That’s right, a colonoscopy. I’ve been putting it off for the past 2 years for the usual reasons. Geeez ..what a pain in the ass! (OK– Please keep the butt jokes to a minimum )

As if its not already hard enough to breath , I have deal with the abdominal bloating that comes with drinking a FULL gallon of that super charged laxative beverage. I picked the pineapple flavor to make it more palatable .But you know what? Nothing could make that stuff palatable. The worst part is that you have to down the whole jug within 90 minutes. Heck, I can barely drink a single 8 oz glass of plain tap water let alone 16 glasses of salty pineapple juice.
They say the prep ( the clean-out) , is much worse than the procedure itself. I would have to agree with that.

The rest of the tests are much less intrusive ( LOL.. there I go again) ( Oops–I did it again)
They just need to draw some blood for some genetic testing and then I have another appointment where I have to blow into a machine to measure my nitric oxide.
Lastly , I have to have a bone scan to see how my osteoporosis is doing ( caused by chronic steroid use.)

As a result of the multiple and time consuming trips to the city for these procedures (and temporary loss of electrolytes from you- know- what), this will be very limited walk week—15 miles tops. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing , because I haven’t had more than 4 days off in a row… in over a year. Not only that, but I’m still having breathing problems which has made racewalking nearly impossible—even for me .

Though I’ve pretty much healed from that last exacerbation, lately I’ve been dealing with my allergy symptoms and the higher than usual relative humidity , which is making it tough for me to get out of the yellow zone. I haven’t been able to breath at my baseline for nearly 3 weeks now and my walking speeds are starting to show it.

Hopefully in my next post, I’ll be bragging about how fast and how are I racewalked.
If not , I’ll report on how things came out. (oops. I did it again)

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