Well, only 5 weeks left till the Portland marathon , and I’m happy to report that for once, I’m on track with my Long Slow Days. Last year, I had countless interruptions due to my lungs, leg cramps and other annoyances, but other than some minor knee issues, things are going much smoother this marathon season.

Next Saturday will be my last long walk ( 20 miles), followed by a very rapid taper.
For this marathon, I’m giving myself 4 full weeks of easy walks…nothing over 8 miles. Last year, I pushed myself way too hard at the end , got sick , and didn’t have time to fully recover before the race. This time around if I get sick, I’ll do the mature thing…and not race.

Something else that I’ve added to this season’s already FULL training menu, is some basic strength training. Nothing hardcore, just 15 lb hand weights. I use them to work my biceps, triceps, pecks and a few other muscles , and it seems to be working! I’ve also begun to do some core strengthening exercises, but that is presenting some pretty unique challenges ( more about that in another post).

For those of you who are racing this Holiday weekend ( Bob and Lia) ……….HAVE FUN and BE SAFE !

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2 thoughts on “Training notes

  1. Fran says:

    Good to see you’re back in the green zone and that things are looking better. Hope you’ve figured out that knee thing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so pleased the green light is back on — keep up the great work Steve — I am sure our knee things will work themselves out….You are going to do amazingly well in Portland

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