I haven’t walked in 3 days because the weather has been awful (It was actually snowing in Berkeley last night) . Todays temp never got out of the 40’s . Wow, you’d think we were spoiled out here in California. Normally I would get out there and put in a few miles but, I don’t want to risk getting sick. I’m trying to stay healthy for Daves Racewalking Clinic , which is coming up in two weeks. I cant wait! I even bought racing flats just for the occasion.

I’m planning on driving down to the host location that morning. Monterey is about 150 miles south of where I live. If I leave here by 6am, I should make it there just in time for the class which starts at 9 am. Its a long drive before a full day of workouts but, its better than forking out 100 bucks for a motel room.

Between now and then, I will walk when I can( weather permitting). I will try to de-program my old walking habits and try to practice correct posture, hip rotation, foot placement…That sort of thing. Not that my walking technique is bad, its just that racewalking is completely different. Got to get into that funky racewalking stride!! I think my shins are in pretty good shape , but I’m not sure about proper hip motion and upper body torgue. Watching someone do it one thing, actually doing it yourself, is another. I guess that’s why I’m so excited that I’m getting this opportunity. When I first started walking , two years ago, I practiced constantly to reinforce the basics , especially the heel-toes positioning . I think I learned alot through internet research and by reading a lot walking books. Hopefully, all of that practice will make my Racewalking Instructors (DAVE McGOVERN) job, a little easier. Apparently, Im going to be one of only two beginners at these classes, but I was promised that I wouldn’t be thrown to the wolves.
Wow..these people take their sport very seriously. I think I’m gonna like it.

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