Some photos of my recent trip to England. Had a great time and my lungs held out brilliantly. Traveled all over the central and western part of the country from Portsmouth to Liverpool. While in London I had the pleasure of meeting long time blogger Susannah and her husband Julian. How cool is that? Can’t wait to go back to see the half of this wonderful country.





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8 thoughts on “UK Adventure

  1. mymusicallungs says:

    Oh that's just darling. How wonderfully compiled and edited your photos are. I recognised the majority of them, even the back streets of Bath-I used to go shopping there!-and I loved that you put I used to live in Laycock. That place is exquisite but I had the worst asthma experiences ever living in my 200 year old damp cold cottage there!

    We are just so relieved you didn't have breathing troubles over here and made the absolute most of an incredible whirlwind tour of our country.

    Please visit again. It was such fun seeing you.

    Stay Well my friend xx

    1. It was so nice to finally get to meet you, I'm just sorry that you weren't feeling good on that day. I hope I wasn't responsible for you ending up in the hospital later that week ( I have that effect on people
      I really enjoyed my trip to England and I hope to return next year. I hope that you will feel better soon.xxxx

  2. Zim says:

    I see You had good time in England! I love gothic architecture like in London, but for me it is too big city on my taste 😉 (For comparison: the biggest city in Poland, Warsaw – only 1,7 milion people).
    Have a nice week!
    I added You to my links.

    1. Thank you ! I love to travel to new places, but it\’s difficult with crazy lungs. I hope to go back to Europe next year.

      Do you have asthma too?

      1. Zim says:

        Yes, I have asthma too. I heard the diagnosis when I was 11. It was for me, teenager – big shock. In Poland 15-10 years ago the knowledge about asthma even among doctors were very little. Today situation here is much more better. Today I have one of the best medicines and I can live quite well. But 10 years ago it was impossible. My city is also one of the most polluted place in the world, so when we have smog, it is difficult time for me.

  3. Zim says:

    I wrote comment, but I don't know if it was written.
    Yes, I have asthma, and I have amblyacousia.
    I also love travel, I must to say, that I wasn't in about half places in my country… But Poland is very, very beatiful place on the Earth.
    "Crazy lungs" – very original words!
    Greetings for You.

    1. Hi,Thank you for visiting my site again. Sorry to hear that you have asthma . Im happy to hear that you are able to receive good medicine for it. What is the name of asthma medication? Inhaler?
      Ive never been to Poland, but I hope to see that part of the world someday. Btw, you\’re English is very good! (I only speak English and a little Italiano.)
      If you want , please feel free to join my Asthma Support group on Facebook. We have people with asthma from all over the world.
      Take Care


  4. Zim says:

    It is inhaler – Seretide. In the past I took two inhalers – Flixotide and Serevent, but they became very expensive last year in my country, so my doctor gave me the recipe for cheaper one and it is this same.
    I speak of course Polish (it is my mother-language) and English. I can some read in Russian, but sometimes I don't understand Russian texts.
    Heartly greetings for You.
    Take care and thank You for this site.

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