Only walked 4 days this week, total miles= 23. Today I did 5.1 miles but the trek was awful. The first 2 miles weren’t that bad but the last 3 were terrible. Overheated and throbbing pain in my shoulders , head and chest . The last mile I had to crawl at a 19 min pace to make it back home. Felt better after resting awhile. It wasn’t really an asthma thing today, I think it was my own fault. I’m just not drinking enough fluids. I drink plenty when I walk but, Its in between those walks that I don’t drink enough. I would say I averaged less than 24 oz per day during the past week.. That’s bad! One of the problems with having an obstructive lung disease like asthma, is that I often feel bloated. The last thing I want to do is fill up with fluids.. make its it even harder to breath.. I guess I need to force myself to drink water on a schedule. In fact, I’m going to down a liter right now.

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