To celebrate reaching my 64th year despite crippling asthma, and to satisfy an itch for getting out there one more time, I’ll soon be wiggling my ass again on a race course…. this time in Canada.

My body is too wrecked to attempt another full marathon, so I searched the continent looking for a worthwhile substitute. In the end I chose the WFPS half marathon/10k/5k in Winnipeg on Oct 14th. Looks like a fun event and very well organized. The course is mostly flat, and with only 3300 participants its perfect for a Sunday morning jaunt through the park. Suffering from condition called “Anterior compartment syndrome” ( basically a swelling of the Tibialis Anterior muscle, which makes flexing my left foot difficult), I wont be able to do any proper racewalking, so Im focusing my training instead on just making it to the finish line without making the injury worse.

Best of all, the race supports a great cause that will benefit people who suffer from the effects of strokes and/or heart disease, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

This event is kind of a big deal for me because I haven’t done a race in 4 years, and with my body current health situation im not really sure what the outcome will be. Still, I look forward to traveling across the border to meet up with friends and for psychological boost that this physical challenge will certainly provide. All I gotta do now is stay relatively healthy and out of the hospital long enough to make it a reality. Im hoping to get at least a couple weeks of solid training in, which up to this point has been nearly impossible due to a foot injury and the constant bad air quality from the seemly endless wild fires.

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3 thoughts on “Watch out Canada

  1. Dave peterson says:

    Same here as regards too wildfires.

  2. Rachel says:

    Great news Stephen! Hope the training goes well, sending positive thoughts from the U.K.

  3. Deidrah says:

    How did the half marathon go?

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