Today my friends and I crossed the finish line at the 2005 US Half Marathon, but we didn’t get our medals because someone stole them! We got to the end of the rainbow and there was no pot of gold… (Actually, there were several hundred people that didn’t receive their medals). Can you believe it? Someone apparently took off with a box of finisher medals… Its not like they have any kind of street value. What kind of idiot would do something like that? Anyway, then we were told that we would have to” email the race director” and they would send us one . I’m sorry but receiving a medal in the mail isn’t quite the same. By then, the moment is long gone.

Ah, but then my dear Douglas came to the rescue. Thanks to quick thinking and his creative mind, we were still able to have a little memento of the occasion. You see, fearing that I might not be able to finish the course because of my stupid lungs, Doug fashioned 3 finisher medals out of some key chain pendants that he picked up at a nearby tourist shop at Fisherman’s Wharf. Then he bought some red ribbon at Walgreens and attached it to the pendants. The result…..3 realistic looking marathon medals! , one for each of us . What’s weird , is that he didn’t even know about the stolen medals until after he put together the homemade ones. What a sweetheart Xx

( Doug’s Homemade medal , Looks pretty good eh)

Update: 3 months later in march of 2006, the actual finisher medal finally came in the mail, but by then the thrill was gone.

The “real” medal

Here’s the complete race report

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