My Name is Winston and Ive come to this planet to study the beings who inhabit it. Stefano is my host here and is one of my favorite humanoid life forms.Despite his failing ventilation modules, Stefano is capable of doing amazing things. Part of my assignment in this place, is to watch over him and protect him.

Winston’s Starship…..Click his face for a close up

The Winstonmobile
(Vintage Winstar Galaxy 350)


  • Full name: Winston J. Cat chow
  • Species:Persianoid
  • Languages Spoken: Felineze
  • Aliases:Bubba Joe, Wind chime, Muffin-head, Plate-head
  • Age: Appx 3.5 million years old ( in cat years)
  • Place of Birth: The planet CatNipPuss in the Galaxy of Gatopia
  • Favorite Foods: Meow Mix, Popsicle wrappers and House Flies
  • Favorite Pastime: Intelligence gathering on humanoids for the mother ship
  • Favorite Humanoid: Who do you think?