This is the course I plotted for my 18 mile LDS , scheduled for this Wednesday. I chose this route because it offers a little bit of everything. Not exactly a flat course, but thats OK— The views are worth the extra sweat. (Click for Full Navigation)

This will be the “make or break ” walk for my future marathon plans. Hopefully it will be the confidence booster that I really need at this point in my walking career.

Stay tuned………

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One thought on “What am I getting myself into??

  1. Anita says:


    I’d love it if you’d send me the g-map link to your map so I could use it this coming Friday myself. You’re doing amazing Steve. You’re one of the biggest inspirations for me and that’s no joke! It will be great to hear how this 18-miler goes for you and after Friday we can compare notes 🙂

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