The next time an ER doctor asks me why I have a venous access port, I think I’ll show them this post.

IV in my shin. Are you kidding me?
IVs in my shin. Are you F’ing kidding me?
IVs in my neck veins
IVs in my neck, yeah you heard that right.

neck IV

IV sin my ankles
IVs in my ankles
IVs in my feet
IVs in my feet, OK I can handle that.

But worst of all….

IVs in my knuckles??? No way!!

The reason I have a VAP, is because I’m in the hospital a lot for my asthma and because I have very poor peripheral access. Fact: IV steroids are very harsh on veins and 40+ years of frequent use has pretty much destroyed mine. Rather than endure hours of torture to find a vein, now all they have to do is plug me in like a home appliance and I’m good to go.

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