Yes….I’m Still Alive

Sorry for the silence. This one kinda snuck up on me. I ended up in the slammer very very sick, but am starting to improve.
I’ll write more after I get home. (It’s really difficult to type when you have a ton of IVs in your hands and arms).

Thanks for the cards,calls and wishes.

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14 thoughts on “Yes….I’m Still Alive

  1. You've been scaring us again, mate! Intense relief when Kerri managed to track you down by phone the other day! Now we've had some news we can quietly chart your recovery.
    Seriously hope they sort the stenosis/bronchitis you name it 'itis' out this time!
    Sending love and hugs from London

    Sus xx

  2. Ok Beautiful … just relax and behave yourself … or I'm sending DAD!!!! 😉 Hugs and Love and will think of you while I'm in Huntington Beach this weekend … YES I WILL HAVE MY INHALER IN THE POCKET!!! 🙂 Love you! Lizzy

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