While it’s true that Ive cut way back on my walking in general (my mileage total is way down compared to last year), I do in fact, still racewalk on a regular basis. I try to get out at least twice a week on the Carquinez bridge if I’m feeling up to it…. plus I spend a couple hours more a week racewalking on the treadmill at the gym!

Actually, if I’ve cut back on anything, it’s been my “regular” long distance walking. Don’t know if it’s the winter season approaching or the frustration of having so many set backs this year, but Ive become somewhat unmotivated to do any long walks lately. (By long walks, I mean greater than 8 miles). Compared with racewalking , regular long distance walking is much less restricted by my lung function ,but it does take a lot of physical and mental fortitude. Both of which I excel at, but at the present time have no desire to put forth. I hope that will change when I begin training for the Rome marathon in a few weeks.

Ive racewalked across this bridge and back over 640 times

On the topic of racewalking, I’ve kinda hit a wall with my training. You would think that after 3 years of practicing regularly that my racewalking form should be spot on, but sadly it’ aint so ( at least in my eyes). I’m a loner when it comes to racewalking, and other than attending a couple racewalk clinics, the only way I have of critiquing my own form is through the occasional video clip self-analysis. So far, Im not too impressed with what Ive seen. On the technical side, I have a constant problem with creeping of my right leg for some reason. As far as form goes, I have a short stocky frame , so I’m not as “pretty” when I walk as the more slender/ lanky racewalkers. I think I have a nice fluid form overall, but I have to rely more on a faster turn over, than a lengthy stride to get me going. And while I still have very powerful legs, I’m extremely limited by my lungs on how fast and how far I can racewalk on any given day, which pretty much excludes me from ever participating in a judged race event. I guess its for all these reasons that I don’t blog as much about my racewalking as I used to.

Instead, I continue to do my own thing and I racewalk for pure love of the sport.. For “The art of it”, if you will. For the challenge of getting better at it. I do it for the way it makes me feel in my head,and not so much for how fast I can go or what I look like to others while I’m doing it.

One of these days I’ll shoot some new video of myself racewalking and let the real racewalkers out there be the judge. The clips I have now are more than a year old…. I probably look a little better now.

Taken from video clip 11-16-2008

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5 thoughts on “Yes…I still racewalk, but

  1. I think it’s great that you get out there and racewalk and even though you’re not doing what you think is your best work, you’re doing better than most with BA. Be proud of that!

  2. Just to let you know, your page has loaded without frames a fair few times today, if I refresh it goes back to how it should be, but I thought you would want to know

  3. I’m glad you love racewalking and still do it just for the love of it. It’s an awesome sport :).

    I hope you feel more motivated soon. Hard to get motivated in winter, I know. It’s really cold here now in the mornings… sigh.

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