HP Stadium

See that tiny black dot in the orange section next to the stage? ….That’s my seat!

M&P tickets

I lucked out and got a winning bid on front row center seats at two of Barry’s upcoming Music&Passion shows.The only way you can get “real” front row center seats for any of his concerts, is by bidding on then through his ticket auction company FrontRowManilow.com ( pretty shrewed marketing huh).
One of the tickets is for his stadium concert in San Jose next week, the other is for his on-going Las Vegas show.
Pretty much the same show….but a totally different experience.
In Las Vegas he plays for the tourists, on the road….he plays for his fans!
Front row center sometimes brings with it, a handshake…or even a backstage invite!Yeah, I’m excited about the upcoming shows, Barry is probably my most favorite artist of all time. To make the San Jose concert even more special, my good friends and walking partners in crime, Brandon and Rachel (who weren’t even born when I attended my first Barry concert), are going with me to the show…. How sweet is that!

Yup, as it says in my blog intro, I’m a guy and I love Barry Manilow !!

Hey, there’s more to life than marathons and nebulizer treatments , right?

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