Well, despite a few minor setbacks, I still managed to end the year with883 miles walked. A drop of almost 400 miles from my best walking year back in 2006, but nonetheless, still impressive when you consider what I have to work with.

Overall, my basic walking routine really hasn’t changed that much, I’m still out there walking at least 3 days a week when my lungs are behaving, and I try to hit the gym up at least once a week. I think the reason I was lagging behind in 2009, was that I was incarcerated 3 times (exacerbations and hospitalizations can really put a damper on things). That, plus I only completed 3 training cycles for the year, instead of the usual 4. One was for a full marathon ( Boston) and the other two for half marathons (ET midnight and San Rock&Roll). Those training cycles can really pile on the extra miles. Training for a full marathon for example, can easily add an additional 300 miles to the count.

I hate to admit it, but my lungs are finally starting to impact my ability to exercise and to walk long distances. It used to be that I would get 10-15 days of decent breathing in between flare-ups, even when I was training for marathons. Now it seems that every walk or gym workout that I do leaves me severely short of breath… sometimes for days. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to keep this up.

Having said that, my goal for 2010 remains unchanged. I want to complete one more full marathon ( hopefully Boston) and Id also like to pass the 5,000 mile mark with my walking. After that, I’m definitely going to slow down.

And speaking of mileage; My legs, feet and lungs aren’t the only things that are suffering from wear and tear…. Check out my shoes!

[This is what the sole of my walking shoes look like after just 200 miles.]

In 2009, I went through 3 pairs of these Asics Hyperspeed 2s racing flats. Weighing only 158 grams (without the insoles) and with a low profile heel, they make excellent racewalking shoes. Unfortunately, since they’re made for speed and not distance, they wear out really fast. It’s also hard to find them now, since they’re not making them anymore.

[The Asics Hyperspeed 3 racing flat]

For 2010 I’m going to try out the replacement model (the Hyperspeed 3) They’re pretty much the same shoe, though the new ones don’t seem to cup my heel as well.

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9 thoughts on “Your mileage may vary

  1. Have you bought stock in Asics yet? Way to tear up those shoes! (They're quite rad looking, I must say! It was tough call, but I think the green ones are my faves, despite how much you've torn up the soles 😉 )

    1. Id be rich if I owned stock in that company. I like the green ones too, but unfortunately they dont make them anymore. The orange one actually go better with my blue shorts 🙂
      Athletic shoe companies always discontinue models after a short period, so that you’ll be forced to buy new ones. Usually I go with loco shoes . They guarantee not to discontinue their models for 7 years, the problem, is that most of their shoes are made for shorter distance runs. I still use their shoes for training.

  2. stephen do they have big 5 sporting stores in sf thats where i got my Asics and they were about 30 dollars cheaper than sports authority just thought you would like to save a little $$$$ so glad your still feelin good i mean Wow 76 days ye haw marsh

    1. Hi Marsha, Yes, they have Big 5 and Sports Authority stores here, but none of these retailers carry racing flats or racewalking type shoes. I usually have to buy them online, which can be a pain because you never know how they’re going to fit. It’s a challenge to find the right walking shoe.

  3. Good on you for doing those miles, I think the closest I come is car miles or maybe miles in my electric wheelchair! I hope your breathing doesn't prevent you from achieving more goals in 2010! Happy New Year!

  4. I'm sorry the lungs are starting to impact your ability to exercise the way you like, Steve. If, as you mention, you can't keep it up to the extent you want, is there something else that would work better for you than racewalking? (blasphemous, I know)

    1. Hi Amy, Unfortunately, not many sport activities are easier on the lungs than walking…though cycling is a possibility.

      I haven’t actually “racewalked” a race in over 3 years. Most of the races Ive done recently, Ive regular walked them , albeit , faster than most people do. The challenge for me isn’t so much the speed,as it is the distance. Im pretty sure I’ll be able to keep up with the easy stuff like 10k’s and even a few half marathons. It’s the 26 milers that I wont be able to do anymore.

  5. Well done you! I love all these statistics-real records of such important achievements….

    I've clocked up a total of 165 kms swum and 3 bathing suits worn out this year!
    Have actually added 31 kms to last year's total but have had more sick asthma flare days although less hospitalisations. Maybe this means milder flares than in 2008? I do hope so.

    Have a great New Year


    Sus xx

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